Cindy Couture

Day Thirty Two – Selfie a Day

What a challenge this is for me. I am so glad that God has put this on my heart to grow as a photographer. It has come to my attention that I am not doing this for me in a sense, It’s for my daughter. My images have shown confidence and power. What a role model she has to look up to. I am not ashamed of who I am or how I look. I want her to grow up to feel the same way. Confident in who she is. I’m not vain and nor am I full of myself. I had a few people mention to me how inspiring these images are to them. I didn’t expect that and it humbles me greatly. All this and I still receive some hate mail. But you know what ? Haters gonna hate and I’m just gonna shake it off 😉
I had this hat in my storage just waiting to get used for a shoot. I bought it at a second hand store. It was buried under a pile of coats. Definitely a find that I am proud of !

Lady Snaps

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