Cindy Couture

Day Ninety Six – Selfie a Day

I walked into my studio in attempt to tackle the mess and realized I hadn’t done my selfie for the day. It’s been one of those days where being a mom and having house hold duties takes over any kind of leisure activities. It’s a tiring day for me. I wish I could just take a nap but alas I have higher priorities.



  1. Time for ourselves definitely gets squeezed. I have been a stay home parent since we emigrated 18 months ago and have had people ask me what on earth I do all day and whether I get bored. But I am constantly busy and I have to dump chores and other obligations in order to make time for myself. It is definitely not a lazy option.

      • Precisely. I tell people that while much of what I do might be boring (dusting, vacuuming) I am never bored. Boredom is a luxury of a surplus of free time I have never had. I have to sacrifice things (hello again dusting and vacuuming) in order to eke out free time for myself. I think there’s a stereotype of stay home parents that they do a couple of chores and then sit around watching TV and eating snacks. I frequently forget to eat during the day and only watch TV during the day if I’m ill or multitasking (carving a lino block, for example). Can you tell I have an opinion about this?

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